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Our leadership team at Focus is comprised of people who feel that God has called them to a level of commitment that goes beyond the Sunday morning worship experiences. Leaders are praying for volunteers and leading their teams during the week. They are not only responsible for what happens on Sunday, but they are also keyed in on the life of their teams. To lead at Focus is to have a real sense that God has called you to a higher commitment to the local church and the vision of the house. We are always looking for people who feel like they have more to contribute to the cause.


Maybe you don’t have a degree in ministry, but you are gifted in leadership- that’s perfect.


Leadership differs from serving in the level of responsibility to have, the amount of time committed and the number of people who report to you directly. As our church grows, we are always looking for people who feel called to not only take on the role of serving, but also the responsibility of leadership. Every area of service and every department needs someone to lead them, coordinate them, and ensure that growth is happening in the life of the volunteers.
Leaders at Focus gain access to our First Monday Leadership Meeting, and also leave with the satisfaction that the people they are leading and impacting are also experiencing life-change through Christ.

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