Department: Greeter

“Welcome Home,” is not just something we say here at Focus, it’s something we want every guest to feel. Be the start to a new guest’s first impression as you make that walk from parking lot to auditorium feel shorter and less intimidating with your warm smile and friendly greeting. There is no worse feeling then the feeling of not being welcomed at church. The greeters set the tone for the whole morning. People come to church after long weeks at work, stressful car rides with kids and the greeters have the power to change their mode with a simple smile and “welcome home”. A greeter should know the layout of our facility by heart. Your personality should be outgoing, expressive while not acting too crazy. You are expected to make sure that there is no questions in anyones minds as to where they need to go. Must be very good at recognizing faces and remembering names. Greeters are the face of focus.